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Kassandra Psychic 

WORKING WITH CRYSTALS  and how to use them in your everyday life for health, wealth and relationships. 

With Kassandra Scardino 

Kassandra has been working at Living Energies for two years and has found that many beautiful beings that are drawn to using crystals needed mentoring on how to best use these specials jewels in their life. Kassandra has created this simple but powerful 3 part workshop to best showcase just how magnificent the crystal kingdom is and how to tap into their power. You can do each class separately or all three to gain maximum results and knowledge. Join all three for $222.   

A 3-part evening course including:

PART 1, Wednesday 2nd August 2017


  • How to cleanse for best results. This will cover the significance of cleaning your precious stones in order to keep you and your environment at maximum results you can achieve.
  • How to program the crystal matrix. It is vital to know how to be able to energize your crystals, use the right words for programs and then set them in place for your desired outcome. Also using the universal donor clear quartz.
  • Includes learning about 5 specific crystals for use in your life.
PART 2, Wednesday 9th August 2017
  • Meditating with crystals for healing and harnessing power. In order to get the most of the crystals energy we will find out what is the best technique to use so that you can set intentions around health, wealth and relationships. 
  • Crystals for around the house. This will help you choose the best crystals for around the home that will help to clear, balance and create feng shui. 
  • Includes learning about 5 specific crystals for use in the home.
PART 3, Wednesday 16th August
  • Using the pendulum for readings. Here we go through the use of the pendulum and how to use it for asking psychic questions and checking healing work done on your meridians using crystals. Also how to stay protected while using this tool. 
Time: 6.30pm till 9.30ish
Date: Wednesday 2nd Aug-16th Aug 
Location: Bondi Junction Westfields
Book now on Ph: 9389 3708 (limited seats) 


Energy Evolution Consciousness Revolution

with Kassandra Scardino

Kassandra has been studying, practicing and teaching crystal/energy work for the last 5 year and she know's with so much information out there we often don’t know where to start. The way Kassandra like's to approach the topic of self healing and personal growth is by going straight to what is the most influential knowledge to get you moving in the right direction with ease and great benefits. Energy Evolution Consciouness Revolution is a great starting point to develop information and practices that cover all the essentials in knowing, understanding and embodying spiritual studies.

Topics covered in the course:

*    Building your spiritual organs If you are not able to train to be aware of subtle energy you may miss the full power of the teaching and healings. I'll give you some great exercises to help with this.

*    How to release blockages I mean everything! If we carry dis-ease in the body it will affect us in physical pain, emotional discomfort, mental anguish and all sorts of terrible life patterns. I teach a simple way to clear all these blockages and get you back into re-alignment with a simple meditation I have created.

*    How to Protect your energy We will use crystals and energetic techniques that are very powerful and can help you in all sorts of situations like dealing with people or places that may be leaving you exhausted and stressed. Otherwise you can use it when going into lower vibrational fields like pubs and clubs so that you don’t absorb the lower energy.

*   How to create with intention and the power of words Learn how to manifest with language and why it is such a vital part of your existence and vibrational frequency. Making sure you always stay on a high level learn how to transmute with language. Using this with the mantra Om and rewriting thought programs and DNA visualization.


    How to calm the mind for meditation Using Mantra Meditation with mandala and the sound Om.

*    How to build a holistic conscious mind and lifestyle What you put in you, on you and around you creates your reality, become aware of those choices. 

Crystal Aspect of the Course

*    How to use crystals for healing and protection,

*    How does energy work with crystals,

*    How to clean the crystals,

*    How to test your energy deficiencies,

*    How to store energy in your crystals.


Benefits of the 5 week program:

-You will be able to feel energy

-You will be able to remove negative energy straight away

-You’ll be able to protect yourself from lower energy

-Release and rewrite negative patterns and behaviors

-Knowledge in how to use crystals like programing and cleaning

-Easy and advanced meditation techniques

-Raise your energy levels and heal yourself and your family


Class will commence on every Tuesday 13th June 2017 till Tuesday 11th July 2017

Location: Living Energies Bondi Junction Westfields

Time 6.45pm-9pm

Investment:$333 ($50 deposit and payment plan available) Light Refreshments Provided 

*Each class will have lots of practice and integrates your own healing, which means you will get progressively stronger and clearer each week. 



with Kassandra Scardino

If you like the look of crystals chances are that you have done work with them in a past life and are looking to remember this ancient knowledge again. Crystals have been used in many modalities and are worn by many great spiritual leaders because they are more than a pretty accessory but a powerful tool for amplifying your intention and energy when used correctly. In this class you will unlock the secrets to these precious beauties so that you can work with them for your highest and most powerful good. 


Class will include:

-Meditation for self-healing and recalibration

-Knowledge of 25 crystals and their use in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels,

-How to setup crystals for amplified grid manifestation on your alter,

-How to choose the right crystals for healing on yourself and distant healing,

-Basic palmistry for wearing of crystals on your fingers for the right attraction of energy,

-Specific crystals that are used for sleeping, love, protection, space clearing, angel connection, manifestation and balance.


Skills you will learn:

-Simple but powerful meditation,

-How to heal yourself and balance your chakras with crystals,

-Programing crystals,

-Review of cleansing and amplifying crystals,

-How to create balance, awareness, ascension and harmony with crystals,

-Introduction palmistry,

-How to protect yourself and your space (includes electro magnetic fog) with crystals,

-How to read the energy of your crystals.


Class will include photocopied notes.

Parking is available at Westfields after 6 for free.

Please come to the store at 6.15pm for sharp start at 6.30pm.

DATE: TBA 2017 



Join Kassandra Scardino on a weekend away to connect with the earth, align with the stars and harmonized with nature. 

​Spend two nights away from all the the city distractions and inside a sacred temple space to learn, practice and embody the ancient ways of healing yourself through crystal healing. 

This retreat will allow you to embody what your learn so that you can take these healing practices into your life and integrate them as part of your daily routine.  

What you will learn in this weekend away:
  • Introduction on energy and feeling energy,
  • Crystal workshop on how to clean, energize, amplify and store energy,
  • Crystal grid for a powerful consecration,
  • Aura and chakra balance with crystals and DNA template,
  • How to make an alter for angelic connection,
  • Guided meditation to meet spirit guides,
  • DNA activation for a healthier more empowered you.

Date: TBA 2017

Retreat cost $400 

  • 2 nights shared accommodation inside a temple located in the Central Coast (1.5hours drive from Sydney).
  • Includes all meals & light snacks 
For more information about the program please contact us.


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